Event Planning and Management 101 for Restaurant Owners

The saying goes that “even the best-laid plans go astray,” but that doesn’t have to be the case for planning events at your restaurant. Whether you’re hosting a promotional event for your own business in order to bring in hungry customers, or whether you’re aiming to make your restaurant the latest hotspot venue for guests to book their crazy birthday bashes or classy bridal showers, it’ll take more than crafting the perfect food and drink menu to arrange the perfect private event.

4 Areas in Your Restaurant Marketing to Evaluate for Brand Consistency

As a restaurant owner, you are probably always thinking of ways to improve. You want to attract better employees, have more customers in the door, or improve processes so that you can have more freedom. Have you considered the health of your brand? Your brand is made up of all of the interactions between you and your customers. It includes your food, customer service, environment, design, promotions, music, exterior, website, social media presence, and more.

Restaurant Technology

Technology is the saving grace of our industry. Look around and you not only see the evolution of the tech-savvy consumer, but you will also see the tech-savvy brands that are now a commonplace in the restaurant business. Now that technology is a mainstay, we can get back to the real business of serving guests and making them love the restaurant experience.

Quality control Tips to Strengthen Every ‘Link’ on Your
Restaurant Supply Chain

Depending on the size of your restaurant model and the size of your menu, the restaurant supply chain can be simple to some and complicated to others. With raw materials, food safety regulations, delivery logistics, best-before dates, and overall packaging to coincide with your often limited storage capacities, the system can become one that sticks together or untangles on you in the blink of an eye.

Just There for the Paycheck? How to Teach Your Team to Go the Extra Mile for Guests

The hospitality industry is a business of experiences and people, and the sooner all team members realize that, the sooner your guests and your establishment will see some growth. There is a rampant misconception about simply “getting people in the door” for young establishments, but the focus should be a bit more about retention.

Is Your Food Cost Running
Out of Control? How to Keep It
in Check

Almost everyone in hospitality has seen some type of food and beverage cost run in the wrong direction at some point. I’ve worn many hats in the food and beverage world, from management to being a cook, host, busser, bartender, and waiter, and can say from many years of experience that all positions play a role in keeping food costs low. There’s never an easy answer for high food cost and, in most cases, it’s a mix of issues, errors, and poor communication that may lead to its rise.