liquor liability

Liquor Liability Insurance is a policy for owners of any establishment that sells, serves, manufactures, or facilitates the use of alcohol. Any of the afore mentioned types of establishments are open to the possibility of a liability claim as consequence of someone getting drunk when injuries or property damages result. This includes not only bars, night clubs and taverns but also restaurants. It may seem logical that the “drunk” person should be the one to pay. In reality the business that served the alcohol could be liable as a result of actions or conduct of a patron who drank too much.

Liability of such risks can be minimized by requiring all employees that serve alcohol complete an alcohol serving certification program. Implementing an official protocol for dealing with inebriated guests will also help mitigate exposure.
Despite the protection offered by a Liquor Liability Insurance Policy, experts estimate that only 35 percent of businesses that should have this coverage purchase it.