Division of Corporations SunBiz.org

Whether you are considering starting your own business or already own a business this state website will serve as a great resource for your business. You may register or renew your business entity here.

Florida Restaurant License DBPR

New and existing restaurant owners must obtain a business license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations Division of Restaurant and Hotels. Click on the link to find the instructions and application forms for obtaining a business and liquor license.


Restaurants are subject to heavy regulations in order to protect the safety of your employees and customers. They are routinely subjected to inspections by local health officials to ensure they are meeting the proper standards. Information on training your manager, food handlers and alcohol servers can be found here.

National Restaurant Association

The NRA one of the largest foodservice trade associations. Here you can find information on Marketing & Sales, Food & Nutrition, Operations, Workforce and many more topics that impact your business.

Foodable Network

Obtain global insight into the restaurant industry. Discover new consumer trends and brands. Find great information and ideas for the restaurantor.